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Project #1:  Replace Our Roof -- $40,000.00 (current quote)

  • Our current roof has served us well over the past 20 twenty years, however over the last 3 or 4 years we have spent considerable effort repairing and replacing shingles from wind damage.  To date, we have been very fortunate in that there has been only wind damage.  The possibility for water damage is just one storm away.  Our goal is to replace the roof with a new steel roof before winter returns to the prairie.  We are halfway to our goal of $40,000.00.

Project #2:  Move Dike and Regrade Parking Lot -- $80,000.00 (estimate)

This project address two concerns. 

  • 1. The slope or grade of the parking lot is too steep which when icy, can cause dangerous conditions.  During the winter, when the lot ices over, cars parked at the sidewalk have been known to slide to the bottom of the parking lot during services.  This project is a prerequisite to create better Handicap Accessibility from our parking lot.
    2. Our current dike does not encompass our entire property.  We have an additional 150 feet along our entire Eastern boundary.  This project would accomplish the following goals: 
         A: create a road/pathway to enter the cemetery from the North, along the dike.
         B: create green space for fellowship and recreation
         C: increase space available for parking
  • These two items must be accomplished concurrently to properly grade the property

Project #3:  Concrete Pad and/or Possible Car Port for Handicap Accessibility -- $40,000.00 (estimate)

  • Handicap accessibility cannot be addressed without completing the Dike and Parking Lot project.  This project will enhance access to our facility to those with restricted mobility.

Project #4:  Landscaping

  • We have spent the last couple of years removing dead, dying, and diseased plantings throughout the property as well as “lifting” buried grave stones and in some cases setting them in a concrete footing.
  • Our 50+ year old evergreens have a fungus and are terminal and must be removed.
  • Once the major projects are completed, creating new green space and planting trees will be a priority.