At Kongsvinger, you will find: 

A worship service that tells you what Christ has done for you
·     Bring your sins and cares with you to church
·     You will hear that Christ paid the price for them on the Cross
·     You will leave the service knowing His Grace Forgives and Liberates you from sin

A sermon that contains both Law and Gospel
·     The Law will condemn your sins
·     The Gospel will comfort you with the assurance of God’s Grace and forgiveness

A church where Creeds and Deeds are both important
·     The Creeds will affirm the doctrines of The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints
·     Our deeds are for our neighbors and as James teaches, show that faith is living.

A church that encourages fellowship
·     Friendship and fellowship are the hallmarks of our community
·     Coffee hour after each service and frequent “pot lucks” and gatherings
·     After a few visits, the Pastor will know you on a first name basis

Dress tends to be casual but you will feel at home whether you come in blue jeans or suit-n-tie.

We encourage entire family attendance; areas are available for the care of infants and toddlers.

Kongsvinger’s rich history and traditions extend from the Lutheran Scandinavian pioneers of the Red River Valley from the late 1800’s, many coming from the Finnskogen (metsä suomalaisista – Finnish - finländska skogs – Swedish - skog av finnene - Norwegian) region of eastern Norway and western Sweden.  While we honor and remember our cultural heritage, our approach is Christ centered and Cross-focused.