Please use one of the following forms for the services requested.

To request a hymnal for Aletheia Outreach Services, please click "Hymnal Request," complete the form and select "Submit."  One of our staff will respond within 48 hours.

Your request for Pastoral Care is very important to us.  Please click "Pastoral Care Request" and complete the form and select "Submit."  The more detail you can provide, the better we can serve you.  Pastor will respond as soon as he is able.

How to Attend an Aletheia Outreach Service

Aletheia Outreach is very special because it is a place where Christians around the world can meet to worship and hear Christ proclaimed in the Word rightly taught, the sacraments properly administered, and to meet the spiritual needs of people who would otherwise have no church.

 To attend a service for Aletheia Outreach requires an invitation.  To receive an invitation, you must first submit a request for “Pastoral Care”. (see above)

 The Service

Most (if not all) of us have come to Aletheia Outreach because of being broken and bruised by the visible church.  Aletheia Outreach is a safe haven to learn and grow together.

Our services use “GoTo Meeting” a communication tool that allows our participants to interact with each other, through video, voice, and chat functions.

Once your request for attendance is accepted, you will receive an email from Pastor prior to each service.  This email will contain the scripture readings, the hymns for the day, and the “GoTo Meeting” link for the service.  We recommend that if you are joining us for the first time, you log in approximately five minutes before the start of the service in case there is a problem.  This will give you a few moments to familiarize yourself with the technology.  Staff members are available to asset you, if required.  Their links are in the attendance email.

Gatherings are generally 3 hours of interactive Christian instruction, questions, clarifications, and fellowship.  A typical gathering begins with the Divine Service.  The Sermon is followed immediately by a period of question and answers.  When the Divine Service concludes, Sunday School is held on various topics.

Imagine the ability to ask questions following a sermon before the service ended in your brick and mortar church! or to chat and compare notes with the other congregants as the service is in progress?  GoTo Meeting gives us the technology to do this and more.

In addition to our weekly services, attendees can also request personal pastoral care by emailing their theological questions directly to Pastor or arrange for one-on-one sessions with Pastor via Skype.  Some questions will get a personal response; others become a teaching topic for Sunday School.

Admittedly, our technology does have some limitations.  For example, we can only have 6 attendees on video at a time however voice and chat are available to all.  We have a policy that if someone really wants or needs a camera to let Pastor know.  In addition, everyone has the ability to hear what is being said as well as a chat box in which they may write private messages to Pastor or to the group as a whole.

Aletheia Outreach is a safe haven.  We are all in a different stage of our healing process so it is important that we all take care to treat each other with patience and respect, being kind to one another, tenderhearted, bearing one another’s burdens, and forgiving one another as God in Christ has forgiven us.